by Naturally Cheeky —  not just a drinking vinegar!

Before Naturally Cheeky was even a twinkle in our eyes, we found ourselves going from one health trend to another until the day we stumbled upon Apple Cider Vinegar. Everyone was doing it. But for us battling with the taste on a daily basis didn’t make the goal of a healthier lifestyle any easier.

At Naturally Cheeky we are all about taste!

The one thing we’ve learned on our journey when it comes to drinking vinegar is that the flavour is gotta be just right. Naturally balanced with the right amount of sweet and the right amount sour and this is exactly what our Shrubs deliver. You’ll never look at ACV the same way EVER again.

So, if you are after Apple Cider Vinegar that actually tastes AMAZING you’ve come to the right place. SHOP NOW!

“I’m not getting sick or experiencing as much gas.”

“I have tried a few and I like the Pineapple and Mint the best, the others taste good too. I feel better within myself and notice the difference if I miss taking it each day.”

“I crave less sugar and seem to sleep better when taking my Naturally Cheeky Shrubs, I also have begun to feel less bloated and my skin is starting to clear up!”

“I feel so much healthier and like my immune system has been boosted.”

“My favourite is the “Apple Pear and Ginger”. I like it because it gives the Apple Cider Vinegar a nice taste. When I drink it I feel refreshed and happy that I was able to drink something beneficial to my health.”

“I have noticed more regular bowel movements since I began taking Naturally cheeky Shrubs.”

“I have type 2 Diabetes and found that drinking naturally Cheeky Shrubs has reduced my sugar levels considerably. My regular 3 month blood test showed huge improvements, so I have since been able to reduce my medication. I would recommend for anyone with type 2 Diabetes to try these Shrubs!”

“The best so far has to be the Apple Pear and Ginger! Though I am so excited to try the Pineapple, Mango and Turmeric one. I take a shot every morning and then I have a Shrub and soda in the afternoon when I finish work.”

“My body is more hydrated as I am more inclined to drink more water.”

“My sugar cravings are down and my blood sugar levels are back to normal”

“I can’t pick a favourite flavour, they are all so delicious and refreshing! “

“I have been taking Naturally Cheeky Shrubs now for two months and I am so regular with my bowel habit! I feel like my metabolism has had a major boost!. When I feel like having a wine, I replace it with Naturally Cheeky Shrubs poured over soda water and ice. Which makes me feel like I am drinking an awesome cocktail.”

“Since drinking Naturally Cheeky I have noticed that my appetite has decreased and I have lost a bit of that bloated feeling”

“Pineapple and Mint is my favourite, it’s so refreshing and leaves me feeling energised!”

“Since I started drinking these Shrubs I have not had any more kidney stones. I am also a type 2 Diabetic and my doctor is finally happy with my sugar levels after trying several types of medications. It is finally under control since I have been drinking these shrubs. I love the taste and it is now my favourite drink of the day. Thank you Naturally Cheeky, your product is awesome!”

“Naturally Cheeky Shrubs give me the best boost first thing in the morning, I have more energy now than I ever have had and I am losing weight!”

“I feel so much better now that I drink Naturally Cheeky Shrubs.”

“In the past few weeks I have replaced my evening glass of wine with a Naturally cheeky Shrub and I have lost 1.5kg in weight, and developed a good regular bowel habit.”

“I loved the first time I tried the Orange Ginger and Spices, the punch of sweetness and then the sting of Ginger really packs a punch. The Ginger lingers for hours so you feel wonderful for ages.”

“I feel like Naturally Cheeky Shrubs have given me more energy, especially when I have them in the afternoon after work. They help me get on with my evening tasks and not feel so exhausted.”

“I crave Naturally Cheeky Shrubs every day! They are my go-to drink when  I need a pick me up, they have definitely helped my digestive system.”

“My bowel movements have been more regular.”

“When I first tasted the Grapefruit, Ginger and Mint I was blown away by how refreshing and delicious the flavour was. I am a big fan of Grapefruit and love the slightly bittersweet flavour of this Shrub which is super refreshing when mixed with mineral water. Kind of like a very healthy lemon lime and bitters but so much better!”

“I will drink Naturally Cheeky for the rest of my life.”