About Naturally Cheeky


Freo Markets, 2016

Our story takes us “way back” to one unplanned sun-filled day.

We took ourselves out for a little drive to enjoy a super-tasty satay and paw paw salad at My Bayon, the best Asian fusion kitchen stall at the Freo markets. (PS.: You’ve got to check these guys out! They also have a restaurant and the food is absolutely amazing.)

Our light-hearted bicker about the wheeling and dealing of the Universe that morning, somehow turned to the hot health trend that raves about the benefits of apple cider vinegar.  Our facial expressions turned sour, as we both remembered our personal experience we’ve had shotting it down the past few mornings. Everyone was on it and so tried we. But battling with the taste on a daily basis didn’t make the chore any easier. It was so harsh just to get over it!

As the conversation went on we started thinking about the many ways we could try to take the edge off and transform the dreadful to an actually enjoyable experience one would want to have every day. Feeling confident on our way back from shopping literally the very next day, with the boot of our car overflowing with an extensive portfolio of “interesting” ingredients, we were just buzzing with excitement. Our heads filled to the brim with ideas, we couldn’t wait for the experimenting to start. From jelly shots to all other kinds of crazy shots morning, day and night, the sky was the limit. But as the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, so did our motivation. We found ourselves failing more and more miserably to come up with anything that would even slightly resonate with the words “that tastes alright”.

Fortunately, we didn’t give up that day, nor the many subsequent failures later. And it may have taken us a little longer than originally anticipated but in the end, our hunt for the “easy fix” finally bore fruit when we’ve discovered Shrubs. Super tasty vinegar concoctions that have been enjoyed the world over—from colonial America, where sailors used them to prevent scurvy, to modern Asia, where people sip drinking vinegars to this day as a health tonic.

We’ve put a few classics to the test with the family and friends and then added our own Naturally Cheeky twist slowly building the Naturally Cheeky range you are able to get today. We think we’ve nailed it and we’re certainly proud of it.

So give it a try and fall in love with one of our refreshing Naturally Cheeky Shrubs today. You will never look at Apple Cider Vinegar the same way again.

Naturally Cheeky was founded by two friends that are passionate about finding ways to transform the little things that secretly drive us mad into something we love one cheeky shrub at a time.